Who Would You Take to A Deserted Island? : The Band
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Everyone’s favourite summer beer company Corona Extra are offering readers and drinkers a once-in-a-life-time trip to a literally deserted island with nine of your closest mates, the opportunity poses the age old question – just who would you take? Life Without Andy has put together our dream list of models, musicians, bloggers, surfers and designers that’d we’d gladly get stuck alongside on the remote Namotu Island, Fiji. Today, we feature Melbourne pop sextet Alpine.

While they just released their sophomore album titled YUCK, there’s absolutely nothing YUCK about this band – they craft beautiful pop music that will take your earholes into a blissful dreamland. Here’s five reasons that we think that they’d be great traveling partners on a Corona adventure into Fiji.

1. They’ll have no shortage of inspiring summer outfits.

Half of the fun of being on a summer holiday is dressing for the part, right? Alpine’s bright, vivacious videos and strong Instagram game have shown us that they’ve got a knack for all things sparkly, sequin and eye-catching – which makes us think that they’d have a ball when it comes to organising a week-long wardrobe in Fiji.

2. We’ve got a mutual love for flamingos and pineapples.


You might remember an LWA shirt design that featured a flamingo, and Alpine have a similar love for the paradise bird, which featured heavily in their video for ‘Foolish’. Our pineapple bucket hat was also a crowd favourite, while Alpine drummer Phil ups the dedication with a pineapple tattoo. Flamingos and pineapples have long been an international symbol of tropical fun and hospitality.

3. They can deal with jetlag.

According to their interview with The Age, the band once took five consecutive flights from New Orleans to Perth, and played a gig straight after. What a bunch of troopers! We have a feeling that these guys wouldn’t need time to recover from jetlag – we could get straight into the action.

4. Imagine getting a lullaby before bedtime like this?


Dreamy, lush pop music that we imagine would sound amazing while lying in a hammock.

5. They look like they’ve got a good grasp on hangover feeds.

Pizza love for realz #alpine #foolish #yuck

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Giant slabs of pizza? This slice here might not measure 1.5 kilometres long, but it’s more than enough to cure us from our adventures during the night before.

June 22, 2015