Party & Bullshit
Photos by February 25, 2016

Over the past 30 years we have been lucky enough to have grown up on AC/DC, we have had our parents rocking out to thunderstruck when we were grommits in the living room, watched them perform around the world from Coachella to Monsters of Rock and in more recent times we even were lucky enough to shoot there last Australian Tour in 2015. But last night in Melbourne was an extra special occasion as we headed to Cherry Bar on AC/DC lane for the launch of the #showusurcans campaign. AC/DC Bourbon & Cola collectible cans are now available offering exclusively created bourbon for this limited edition release. Each can will be released periodically throughout 2016 and will be showcasing one of the bands incredible catalogues of iconic album covers.



AC/DC Bourbon and Cola Launch
Cherry Bar, AC/DC Lane Melbourne

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