Party & Bullshit
October 16, 2022

Goldy frothers turned out in droves last night….

And they weren’t just there for the delicious beers on offer from Burleigh Brewing, with the ACSOD film premiere starring Toby Mossop, Mitch Crews, Hinata Aizawa and Lewie Dunn, delivering on the hype. Featuring more tasty cones that a Mcdonalds drive thru, the film was undoubtedly the main course of the evening, alongside a live set from Takaicardia and Shimmy Disco and Twin Turbos behind the decks. Check out the gallery above for the all the action:

Event: ACSOD Film Premiere
Location: Burleigh Brewing, Gold Coast
Date: 15/10/22
Photographer:Tommy Nortz

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