Party & Bullshit
Words by Harry Webber Photos by Amar Gera April 15, 2023

The first of Alfred’s East Coast golf days was so much fkn fun.

Despite the rain’s attempts to ruin yesterday’s event, Alfred’s Golf Day at North Bondi Golf Club was a massive success. And my metrics for success are: (miraculously) no one copped a golf ball to the noggin, bulk drinks were enjoyed (cheers Pals and Better Beer!), and Happy Gilmore references were kept to a minimum.

After all the swings were swung, we hit Bondi Pav where the party continued and the alcohol intake stepped up a (responsible) notch. In what seemed like a few minutes, the dance floor was sizzling, and we went about exercising what remaining physical coordination we had left in the tank, which was pretty minimal TBH. Shout out to all the sponsors who made it happen: Allpress, Oakley, M/SF/T, Taylor Made and Mr Consistent.

Check out the gallery above for the highlights:

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