Party & Bullshit
Words by Mitch Tomlinson December 16, 2023

On a scorching summer day at Parkwood International, Alfred’s Apartment once again gathered some a bunch of awesome humans to swing the clubs, enjoy some cold drinks and have a bloody good time.

The lush fairways echoed with swings with heckling from mates all in teh name of healthy end of year competition.

With sleek golf carts and well-placed refreshment stops, Alfred’s Apartment turned the event into a lively summer celebration at every hole.

In the fading sunlight, Parkwood International, sponsored by Alfred’s Apartment, became the epitome of a fun golf experience. It wasn’t just a round of golf; it was a fusion of community, competition, and undeniable style. As the echoes of camaraderie lingered, the promise of another sun-soaked day on the course ensured that this stylish golf vibe was here to stay.

See you in March for stop number two.

Photographer – Tommy Nortz

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