Party & Bullshit 1m

Vegas, baby!

How much fun did we have at Life Is Beautiful festival yesterday? It’s pretty dang close to immeasurable. But it wasn’t all about the live music, we also spent plenty of time hanging out and refuelling at the ASHOC Activation, sipping on that beautiful nectar and getting re-energised before facing the crowds. Best part was it was all guilt-free as not only does ASHOC contain zero sugar, but it also incorporates plant-based ingredients to get you pumped naturally.

Check out all the action from ASHOC activation in the gallery above and head here to follow them on their journey to the pinnacle of the energy drink mountain.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Event: Life is Beautiful for Ashoc Energy

Photographer: Ned Simes


Words by Ned Simes September 19, 2021
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