Party & Bullshit
Words by Amar Gera August 17, 2023

20 years all in one night…

The Mighty Boosh made its return to Australia over the weekend with the beloved British comedy celebrated with a behind the scenes look in their rise through their new exhibition, Behind The Boosh, presented by Behind The Gallery. Featuring photographs taken by Dave Brown, the key photographer within the Mighty Boosh that documented their ascent and golden years in the public eye, the exhibition offered a unique but brilliant deep dive into all of the ins and outs of the Boosh’s artistic fingerprint.

Taking place in the North Gallery in the Victorian town of Fitzroy, the exhibition was adorned by the troupe’s highlights through the years. From their early triumphs to packed out crowds in Edinburgh and comedy festivals around the world, the Boosh’s entire history was on display for all to indulge in (along with an endless supply of Pals. Be sure to catch up on all the action via the gallery above:

Event: The World Of The Mighty Boosh
Location: North Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria
Date: 16/08/2023
Photographer: Robin Makino

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