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Words by Amar Gera August 9, 2023

Featuring a special performance from Nicole Millar…

Dyson has unveiled its latest groundbreaking creation, the Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones with air purification, in a much-anticipated press junket. Taking place at Forbes Street Studios in NSW on July 27th, the junket saw some of the biggest lifestyle journalists in the country come together for a sneak peak into the fruits of Dyson’s labour in combatting the challenges of urban noise and air pollution.

A culmination of five years of rigorous research and development, the new Dyson headphones promise an immersive listening journey with an exceptional 50 hours of ultra-low distortion audio playback, paired with advanced noise-cancellation technology. Beyond their auditory prowess, the new over-ears also address the pressing issue of air pollution that’s continuing to plague urban environments. Built upon Dyson’s multi-decade expertise in airflow, filtration, and motor technologies, the headphones utilise dual-layer filters to purify air, capturing particles as minuscule as 0.1 microns. The innovation not only offers a sanctuary for music enthusiasts but also acts as a protective shield against the risks associated with big city living.

Naturally, Dyson’s press event exuded an air of excitement as journalists from around the country were introduced to the Dyson Zone™ headphones in a hands-on experience that showcased the new features. Attendees were also treated to a special performance by Australian songstress Nicole Millar, who further demonstrated the headphones’ prowess through a “before and after” experience, where guests enjoyed a recorded version of Millar’s performance through the Dyson Zone headphones.

The outcome was scarily consistent, underscoring the massive leap that Dyson has achieved in the realm of high-end audio technology. They’ve definitely set a new standard for headphones, promising not only a fully new listening experience but a step toward cleaner, healthier urban living.

Understandably, the rollout for the headphones is just as pristine, with the $1,099 package featuring the headphones in Prussian blue/bright copper along with an explorer case, additional filters, cleaning tools and more. If you don’t want to spend your whole paycheque, however, the $999 combo will get you the headphones in Prussian blue/dark blue along with a quarter turn case and slightly fewer cleaning tools and cables. For now, check out some highlights from the showcase above and be sure to buy the headphones via the official Dyson website here.

Event: Dyson Headphones Launch
Location: Forbes Street Studios, NSW
Date: 26/07/2023
Photographer: Mitch Fong

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