Party & Bullshit 1m

As the year well and truly wraps to a close, we got our golf clubs out and headed to Harrison Park in Shell Harbour for the weekend…

And it was a time-and-a-half, the Fairway crew bringing together our love of nine hole golf and live music for a day filled with both. And with tunes supplied by the likes of Winston Surfshirt, Lazywax, Scotty Bruce for Lifewithoutandy Djs and plenty more, we were set up for total success on the green.

Naturally, the surrounds of Harrison Park made for for the perfect backdrop, endless plains helping us find an escape from city madness as we indulged in the nine hole mini golf offered on site (golfing and dancing, what more could you ask for?). The Fairway crew got to show off some of their organisations skills as well, moving venues to Shell Harbour and setting up their own nine hole mini golf course (diamonds are made under pressure baby). But judging by how hard the event went off, it’s safe to say that despite the last minute change, they more than pulled it off.

It was everything we hoped for, and you’d best believe you’ll see us there next year. Get caught up via the gallery above:

Event: Fairway Mini Golf Festival
Location: Harrison Park, Shell Harbour
Date: 26/12/21
Photographer: Scotty Bruce

Words by Amar Gera December 27, 2021
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