Party & Bullshit 1y

Saving the ocean? Partying? We’re in.

Looking to curb the devastating effects humans are having on the world’s oceans, Positive Change for Marine Life has been working tirelessly to ensure we can safely enjoy the big blue for years to come. And on Saturday Byron Bay Brewery opened their doors to Festival Of The Seas which aimed to raise money for this cause with a huge night of entertainment.

With live tunes from The Badlands, Shag Rock, Peach Fur, Michael Dunstan, Nick Cunningham, Fiona Franklin, and Sophie Ozard organisers made sure the dancefloor was constantly packed throughout the evening. The beers flowed endlessly and we were also treated to live art, guest speakers, and way more. Check it out in the gallery above:

Event: Festival For The Seas
Location: Byon Bay Brewery
Date: 24/08/19
Photographer: Benson Keers

Words by Jack Bennett August 26, 2019
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