Party & Bullshit
Words by Jack Bennett June 2, 2024

We hit the Stone & Wood brewery for a day a of brews and bands.

The specific brew being the 2024 Stone Beer, a delicious wood-fired porter, which was unveiled yesterday and completely lived up to the hype. That said, we all know that the sensible thing to do at a brewery is try to sample as many beers as you can…

And nothing is pairs better with beers than bands, and Festival Of The Stone had no shortage of live music for us to soak up. Dan Sultan delivered an amazing set, Beddy Rays blew some haircuts off, and The Beefs made us simultaneously laugh and rock.

Check out the highlights in the gallery above:

Event: Festival Of The Stone 2024
Location: Byron Bay
Date: 01/06/24
Photographer: Beatriz Ryder

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