Party & Bullshit
Words by Mitch Tomlinson October 4, 2023

Following the success of the inaugural Haus of Dreamers event in Venice, Golden Goose brought the celebration to Le Jardin des Plantes in Paris overnight

Golden Goose seem to have mastered living in the realm where skate and fashion meet, as evidenced by their latest ‘Haus of Dreamers’ launch. The event featured a sculptural skate grandstand as the stage, which kicked off with a demo (can you call it a demo if it happens at a fashion show?) led by Golden Goose ambassador Cory Juneau and an international team of skate talents.

The performance revealed Golden Goose’s SS24 ‘Journey Collection,’ worn by both the skaters and models, and the team included skateboarding legends Rune Glifberg and Brooklinn Khoury, as well as Zhang Xin, Olympic gold medalist Keegan Palmer, Corbin Harris and Evan Mock.

The highlight of the show (outside of the skating) was undoubtedly the unveiling of the Paris Ball Star Pro by Cory Juneau. Check out the action in the gallery above:

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