Party & Bullshit
December 8, 2023

Last night 50 Cent made a surprise appearance at The Emerson in Melbourne.

The rapper jumped on the mic and played host to the packed and very sweaty crowd, before performing a set of his own. Not a Chance The Rapper style three-min performance, but a full 45 minute set that began with his legendary Snoop Dogg collab ‘P.I.M.P’.

He also hopped behind the bar, pouring everyone drinks, and making sure we all enjoyed ourselves – the kind of stuff that only served to endear him to the crowd even more. Our man Ray Rolla was on the scene to capture all the highlights, check them in the gallery above:

Event: 50 Cent
Location: The Emerson, Vic
Date: 07/12/23
Photographer: Ray Rolla

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