Party & Bullshit 2m

No place we’d rather be…

JACKLYN launched their second segment ‘Retreat’ in wonderful style over the weekend, celebrating its anti-trend and vibrant creative spirit with a boat launch second to none. Made up of headstock fabrics and natural fibre, the new collection responds to the needs of the planet and reflects on the spent time indoors in 2020, making a connection between the natural world and that of our inner exo-systems.¬†With a gorgeous boat provided by Suellen, cocktails provided by Cocktail Porter as well as sweet and chilli drinks and groovy tunes dropped by the one and only Lustwell, the launch was a spectacle equal parts extravagant and down to Earth, and was without a doubt the place to be over the weekend. Get caught up on all the action via the gallery above.

Event: ‘Jacklyn Season Two’ Boat Launch
Date: 20th February
Location: Sydney Harbour
Photographer: Andy Myers

Words by Amar Gera February 22, 2021
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