Party & Bullshit
June 3, 2022

Last night we hit Bondi for the Here & Now.

And we were eager for the opportunity to get up close and personal with the work of Jake Pedrana and MLAK, with the two Northern Rivers natives not only showcasing solo pieces but also sharing collaborative works that they’d teased over Instagram in recent weeks.

Caught up in the whirr of abstract imagery, we swanned around Twenty Twenty Six with delicious Pals in our hands and plenty of visual candy for our eyes. We couldn’t recommend Here & Now more. Make sure you get to Bondi before it closes on June 19th and don’t forget to check out the gallery above for all of last night’s action:

Event: ‘Here & Now’ Exhibition
Date: 02/06/22
Location: Twenty Twenty Six, Bondi
Photographer: Amar Gera

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