Party & Bullshit
December 22, 2023

With work finally done and dusted, we were more than keen to head to Ksubi’s Beach House for some drinks, tunes, and a little bit of last-minute Xmas shopping…

I mean, is there a better way to close out the week than that? We think not. And last night saw the energy of Ksubi’s pop-up maintained immaculately with Sydney beatslingers Lovejoy providing the tunes as we sipped on drinks from Better Beer and Pals, and ogled the legendary streetwear label’s latest offerings.

Miss out? Don’t sweat it. The Ksubi Beach House is open every day this summer from 10am – 6pm with special events every Friday and Saturday including Burger Park tomorrow. Check out the gallery above and make sure you get yourself there!

Event: Ksubi Beach House
Location: Bondi Beach
Date: 22/12/23
Photographer: Kyle Ingram

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