Party & Bullshit 5m

You couldn’t find a more fitting place to enjoy a Sydney heatwave than on The Hamptons, sipping a Pink Gin Soda & and having the occasional dip to cool off in Sydney Harbour.

Celebrating the launch of the new Pink Gin Soda & The Hamptons was decked out with Splashes of Pink and Flower ensembles from the floor to the ceiling. With temperatures up to a staggering 40 degrees over the weekend, we hit the harbour and had a few cheeky dips in the ocean while dancing away to the funky tunes from Kayex, Tori Levett and Levi.

Event: Let The Summer Be Gin
Date: 29/11/12
Photographer: Scotty Bruce
Location: The Hamptons, Sydney

December 1, 2020
Editors Pick