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Local clothing label Billy Sixes has stepped on the accelerator, riding straight into summer with The Garage Collection.

Inspired by their love of vintage motorcycles and rustic beginnings in a Sydney garage, the new Billy Sixes range sees them use big Americana-inspired logos, skulls, and tributes to Bob Dylan on 100% organic cotton garments. And just like cruising down an open highway with your hair blowing in the wind, Billy Sixes aims to champion freedom with The Garage Collection and their overarching ethos.

“Billy Sixes is about so much more than selling clothes, it’s about showing people they can live a lifestyle
outside of society’s expectations… Personal freedom really is at the core of everything we represent. From our content, to apparel and accessories, we live and breathe freedom,” co-founder Dylan Fricker says.

Billy Sixes launched The Garage Collection last week at COMMUNE at Waterloo, with over 300 guests being treated to the new range among muscle cars and custom motorcycles aplenty. See the party pictures above, the range in action with the lookbook below, and shop all the Billy Sixes goods right here:

December 18, 2017
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