Party & Bullshit
Words by Mitch Tomlinson January 22, 2023

Fallen Broken Street teamed up with New York’s Tripoli Gallery to bring us Love Ranch.

And what an evening it was, with our favourite headwear label teaming up with Tripoli Paterson to curate a show that included 21 artists from the USA, Puerto Rico, and Australia, in a bid to foster an increased dialogue between artists in New York and beyond, with artists and collectors Down Under. On top of a slew of gorgeous international pieces, attendees could also catch work from local lords Ozzy Wrong and Otis Carey, among many others, on the walls. Catch the highlights from the evening in the gallery above, and head here to keep up with Fallen Broken Street on IG:

Event: ‘Love Ranch’ By Fallen Broken Street
Location: Byron Bay, NSW
Date: 20/01/23

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