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Rad Bar went out in style over the weekend with some wild shows.

For many years Wollongong’s Rad Bar, with its graffiti-covered walls and upstairs viewing balcony, has been something of a rite of passage for Aussie bands. The venue has been the place where touring acts could stop in, make a few bucks, and play to some eager local fans outside of capital cities. It was the spot where new bands could get a start and play their first shows, some of whom would go on to be big names in the Aussie music industry. The bar had plenty of soul, but didn’t really give a fuck about what you thought of it.

On Sunday night, sadly, they shut their doors for good, with developers to begin knocking down the venue to build a multi-million dollar office dwelling. It’s been coming for a few months, but there’s no way you can replace what Rad was, and there will definitely be a Rad-shaped hole in Wollongong for musicians and punters alike.

Going out with a bang, the venue hosted indie-rocker Ruby Fields, garage duo Hockey Dad, and grungey-punks Dear Seattle over the past week, with the shows attracting plenty of fans ready to give the venue the sendoff it deserves.

Check out that gallery above for all the action:

Words by Harry Webber June 18, 2019
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