Party & Bullshit
September 19, 2022

We trapised the aisles of the opening night  of Laith McGregor and James Ioannou’s exhibition…

Byron Bay’s Lone Goat art gallery opened the door to its latest showcase over the weekend, proudly spotlighting the work of Laith McGregor and James Ioannou for the pair’s ‘Rhythm and Motion’ exhibition. Handling the visual design and woodcrafting respectively, the collaborative project sees McGregor carve his intricate drawings atop skateboard decks crafted by Ioannou, exploring concepts of isolation, solace and patience. 

The exhibition was conceived after a casual conversation about skating, and featured an array of custom skateboard designs alongside intimate works on paper, large-scale wall drawings, and a joint interactive installation. The skateboard company Brother Boards was home to McGregor’s designs, with drinks coming courtesy of Pals seltzer, who manned the gallery’s bar. 

Check out more from the Rhythm and Motion exhibition in the gallery above, and scroll down from more event info and credits. For more info on the showcase, head here

Event: Rhythm And Motion gallery exhibition opening night
Location: Lone Goat Gallery, Byron Bay
Artists: Laith McGregor and James Ioannou
Date: 17/09/2022
Photographer: Andy Myers

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