Party & Bullshit 2y

Talk about a ripping afternoon!

We headed to all the way up to the iconic Pink Hotel in Coolangatta for Volcom’s huge party yesterday, and it was definitely worth the trip. Taking over the highly grammable venue, we got to watch some of favourite Volcom team skaters destroy the pinkest mini-ramp we’ve ever seen, and catch stellar live sets from Crum, Blister, Ezra Lee, and Hell & Whiskey.

It honestly felt like more of a wild house party as we wandered from room to room sipping on tasty Young Henrys brews whilst soaking up the autumn sunshine. Check out the full gallery above to see all the action:

Event: Volcom Party
Location: The Pink Hotel, Coolangatta
Date: 07/04/19
Photographer: Jack Bennett

April 8, 2019
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