Party & Bullshit 12m

Beer experts Young Henrys are back with more from their menu, introducing their latest beverage, Motorcycle Oil.

The winter beer is ideal for you to sip on while we head into the colder months, and Young Henrys launched Motorcycle Oil earlier this week at Rising Sun Workshop. Appropriately, the YH team arrived on their motorcycles and led guests through their latest creation, with the black beer accompanied by a delectably dark Japanese-inspired menu, and a Motorcycle Oil cake created by Andy Bowdy.

Young Henrys stayed true to the theme, and gave us a good taste of their ever-consistent beers for the afternoon. See how it all went down below:

Event – Young Henrys: Motorcycle Oil Launch @ Rising Sun Workshop
Photographer – Brayden Smith
Date – 24/04/18

Photos by Brayden Smith April 26, 2018
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