Listen: Ep#17 ‘10 Songs & A Bottle Of Red’ – The Return Of Dunni
Welcome back.
Words by Harry Webber March 30, 2020

Don’t call it a comeback.

Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings, Jesus Christ at Easter, Kenny in South Park, The Undertaker from WWE – over the course of human history we’ve seen some incredible resurrections. Now we have another one to add to that list. Crawling up to a USB microphone covered in a couple of months of dirt and sweat, we present to you Lewie ‘Dunni’ Dunn in his final resurrected form.

In this ep, he explains his mysterious disappearance and fills our ear with a bunch of useless information and 10 tasty tunes. Check it out below on your preferred format and don’t forget to subscribe ya peanuts!


1. ‘Welcome Back’ – Mase
2. ‘Game Of Pricks’ – Guided by voices
3. ‘Rollin’ With The Flow’ – Dunni
4. ‘Bluebird Is Dead – Electric Light Orchestra
5. ‘Rubber Arm’ – The Beefs
6. ‘If The Sun Stops Shining – ‘Damien Jurado’
7. ‘Traveling Man’ – Ricky Nelson
8. ‘Stublin In’ – Suzi Quatorro
9. ‘Fight Test’ – Flaming Lips
10. ‘That’s Life’ – Frank Sinatra

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