Tuesday Without 8m

Can we pleeease travel soon.

If you’ve been missing travelling, you might not be super keen on this week’s Tuesday Without starring Aisha Katherina. Snapped on a beach in Bali that looks… well… exactly like a beach in Bali, it’s got us pining for the days when we could hop on a plane and head to a tropical location without giving it too much thought.

Snapped by expat Glen Krohn, the sunset shoot is a staunch reminder of the island’s natural beauty – something that anyone who’s landlocked in Aus probably won’t have a chance to see for another year or so… Oh well, at least we have this shoot. Hit the links below to see more of Aisha and Glen:

Tuesday Without: Aisha K
Photographer: Glen Krohn
Location: Bali, Indonesia

September 1, 2020
Editors Pick
From an island (kinda) near you.