Tuesday Without 6y

With summer still well and truly kicking on, all we really want to be doing is laying around in as little clothing as possible. Bikinis, underwear, shirtless, pant-less.

Just as the heat was becoming too much to bear, Thrills dropped their new swimwear range, SWIM, and it’s all we wanna be wearing ’til winter comes. If that wasn’t enough to excite you, for this Tuesday Without we have the gorgeous Kristina Mendoca making these new designs look as delectable as ever. To see the latest in the Thrills SWIM range, hit their website. But before you do that, satisfy your ocular appetite with the images below.



Talent – Kristina Mendonca – Vivens
Label – Thrills
Photographer – Mitch Ross
Location – Sydney, Australia

Photos by Mitch Ross February 16, 2016
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