Tuesday Without 5y

We just happened to be traveling in South America recently, and came back with some healthy tans as well as this babe-filled shoot straight from Brazil.

Delving into the seaside goodness of Rio de Janeiro, our stars this week are Raissa Alves and Barbara Brigido – and if you’re not familiar with them now, prepare for your greatest discovery of the year. We head from the balcony to the bedroom to the beach with the two locals, and also take some photographs of them with the luckiest palm tree in the world. Yep, we’re thinking what you’re thinking: Let’s book a one way ticket to Brazil, ASAP.

See the shoot above, while we also managed to squeeze is a short video of the action below featuring lots of slow-motion and morning coffee. Did we mention that we now love coffee more than ever? If you’d like to get further acquainted with the dynamite duo, follow Raissa on Instagram here and do the same for Barbara here:

Talent: Raissa Alves | @RaissarAlves & Barbara Brigido | @BarbaraBrigido
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Photographer: Mitchel Ross

Photos by Mitch Ross July 19, 2016
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