Tuesday Without
Words by Mitch Tomlinson April 16, 2024

the curation of unwantedness“.

Love From Jamie AKA Jaimie Novick is not your run-of-the-mill designer. Taking deep inspiration from her surroundings while focussing on sustainable materials and low-impact production, her series of recent collections all have a linear avant-garde progression that has culminated in today’s Tuesday Without with Kauri.

Celebrating the things people have discarded and creating artistic value around them seems to be her core mission, while offering us something engaging to look at that is also provocative food for thought.

“These photos feature designs from over a few collections of mine,” Jaimie Novick says. “My most recent collection titled ‘the curation of unwantedness’ explores the idea of the found object and creating value in the undesired. All fabrics are sourced from things around me, completely second hand and a lot found on the street which inspired the furniture aesthetic in my garments. Some looks were developed from failed outcomes of other looks but ended up being some of my favourite ones. The orange and red dress is inspired by the feeling of being over stimulated which comes from a collection titled ‘a space for mess’.”

Check out the video and video above, and credits below!

Model: Kauri Eddie
Photographer: Scott Heldorf
DOP & Edit: Bill Mansfield
Stylist: Beatrice Van Heeswijk
Makeup: Andy Guo
Hair: Tory Wells
Photography Assistant: Fergus Locke
Designer: Jaimie Novick
Studio: PixOnLocation

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