“The Best Spring Break Ever:” Netflix Drops Final Teaser For Stranger Things 4
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It’s been almost three years between nose bleeds, but the nerd squad is back

Netflix has released the fourth and final teaser for the next season of its flagship series, Stranger Things. Promising an expansion of the show’s setting, the trailer follows Eleven after moving from Hawkins to California (you know, where there’s less demogorgons), as she narrates a letter to her Indiana-bound boyfriend Mike.

In true Stranger Things fashion, the clip also reveals an expected amount of supernatural shenanigans, from creepy porcelain dolls to a bunch of gun-wielding government workers. Perhaps most surprising is the gall of Eleven’s new classmates, who should definitely think twice before bullying a girl with telepathic superpowers. 


Elsewhere, we see Will Byers and the rest of the nerd clan, who’ve unsurprisingly grown up quite a bit between filming. The trailer is the fourth to be released in the promotional lead-up to Stranger Things 4, with the series already delayed due to the pandemic. Stranger Things 4 is expected to hit screens early next year. In the meantime, we only have these drip-feed teasers to scratch that 80s paranormal itch. 

Words by Tom Disalvo November 8, 2021
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