‘Borat 2’ Director Talks How Borat’s Daughter Got Into White House + THAT Rudy Giuliani Scene
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Still can’t believe they pulled it off…

Borat 2 AKA Borat Subsequent Moviefilm came at the end of a year of straight up insanity and ridiculousness, and quite honestly didn’t get the proper shine it deserved. I mean sure, it got mad attention for that infamous Rudy Giuliani scene, but so much of what they pulled off in that movie went completely under the radar. Like getting Borat’s daughter Tutar (played by Maria Bakalova) into the White House during a pandemic, which it just totally kick ass. They went so far as getting her into the briefing room without getting a COVID test (no wonder Trump ended up catching it). Now, director Jason Woliner has opened up on how they did it, and it’s all thanks to a super gullible conservative news outlet named OAN.

Speaking on their hustle, Woliner said “OAN was extremely easy to hoodwink. They’re not a real news organization, they’re a propaganda organization. And so we got her into the White House with Chanel Rion, no COVID test required. And she was at a gaggle with Larry Kudlow and she was in the briefing room.

“And you could actually see—and I don’t think this was in the little clip that we put out—but that day, Jared Kushner was doing an interview on the White House lawn with Fox Business and you can just see Tutar, Borat’s daughter, wandering around in the background of the shot. And so it was one of those things we were just like, yeah, let’s send her in and see what we get out of it.”

Pretty ridiculous, especially during all the heightened security during the pandemic. Just goes to show what you can pull off when you act like you belong somewhere (as well as how fucking shitty the White House security is).

Woliner also opened up on THAT Rudy Giuliani scene, detailing how the Mayor had numerous opportunities to realise something was up during his interview with Tutar, but never actually caught on until Borat burst into the room wearing that insane lingerie set, saying “There was actually a beat that we shot where we pushed in a room-service tray and Sacha was hiding underneath it. We were doing this kind of farcical thing where he’s trying to communicate with her again and we wound up cutting it out of the movie.

“Again, Rudy didn’t discover anything weird, his radar didn’t go up.”

So crazy, and now that scene is one of the most iconic of 2020. No doubt it’ll follow Giuliani around for the rest of his life. If you need a refresher, check it out below.

January 6, 2021
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