New Spotify Feature To Help Listeners Start Their Own Podcasts
July 5, 2022

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Imagine if the world had access to this bad boy during the lockdowns…

Capitalising on their newfound podcast success through media figures and organisations such as Joe Rogan, TED Talks and more, Spotify is now set to solidify their monopoly over the new era of digital media with their new podcast feature. Currently being tested in New Zealand, Spotify’s latest addition is set to allow users to record, edit and publish their own podcasts directly from their phone.

And thankfully, no third party apps or hardware will be needed to use it, a stark contrast to Spotify’s initial foray into the podcast realm in 2019 which tested a similar feature through media app Anchor. Now, however, users will be simply be able to hit the ‘Record podcast’ button and start their ranting there and then, as according to a video shared by Spotify New Zealand online. To top it off, recording can be paused whenever needed for breaks, and users can add background music and other backing tracks.

Looks like Joe Rogan is about to have a whole lot of competition. Check out the new Spotify feature in action below:

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