adidas Originals Modernise The Iconic ‘Forum’ Sneaker For 2021 Re-Release
A classic.
March 2, 2021

The shoe that changed the game.

When it hit the hardwood courts in 1984, adidas’ ‘Forum’, which was designed by Jacques Chassaing quickly positioned itself at the top of the pile when it came to functionality and style. Now, it’s not only the most innovative basketball shoe of all time, but it’s also become streetwear royalty, consistently hitting a note with the youth of today and yesterday for its crisp silhouette.

The 2021 Forum maintains the classic trimmings: nylon Dellinger Web Netting, a criss-cross strap system, and an adidas hinge, but also features a narrower toe cut and removable straps as well as a hard wearing rubber shell sole for a more modern feel. Peep the pics below and head here to grab a pair now:

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