Calvin Klein’s ’21 Pride Campaign Celebrates Defining Moments In Queer & Trans Journeys
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Check out these powerful pride stories.

That time of year has rolled around again – yes the days where you can say “winter is coming” and not look like a goose are here, but that’s not all – Pride Month 2021 is upon us, which means Calvin Klein are rolling out an all-new rainbow collection in support of the LGBTQI+ community.

In this year’s collection, the iconic label sent six photographers to capture the eight cast members in pared-back, intimate settings as they recount their own personal journeys and relatable stories while experiencing a wide range of emotions. The global cast includes Arca, Honey Dijon, Isaac Cole Powell, Kai Isaiah Jamal, King Princess, Omar Ayuso, Raisa Flowers, and Samuel de Saboia.

Check out the campaign imagery below along with self-portraits from the photography team and head here to shop your Calvins now:

June 3, 2021
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