CDC Has Released A Face Mask Facial Hair Guide And I Don’t Know Why It’s So Funny
So the Hitler moustache is actually safe...
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Finally a bit of light relief as coronavirus sweeps the world.

With more and more people falling ill (or worse) of the COVID-19 AKA the coronavirus, millions of consumers are opting to wear facemasks to protect themselves from the rapidly-spreading disease. This is despite the fact that the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention only recommends you use a face mask when you are showing symptoms…

It’s also meant that people are looking to the CDC for information on how best to apply the masks, causing thea 2017 chart that shows the best fitting beards for facial masks to resurface. Below, see the hilarious pictures and names of beards you didn’t even know existed such as the Zappa, the Zorro, the Chin Curtain and the Walrus.

For some reason I find this fucking hilarious… and many Twitter users do too. Check out the chart and some of our favourite tweets below:

Words by Harry Webber February 28, 2020
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