Eco-Friendly Towel Company Sand Cloud Has Touched Down In Aus Ahead Of Summer
Saving the fishees!
Words by Harry Webber October 26, 2023

Maybe you saw them on Shark Tank?

But just in case you didn’t, let us fill you in a little bit on what Sand Cloud is. The brand was the brainchild of three So-Cal pals who were on a mission to shake up the towel industry while also helping marine life – 10% of their profits are donated to fish-saving causes. The company launched in 2014, but reached the masses after an appearance on the US version of Shark Tank, creating a boom for their business.

Their towels are produced with 100% Turkish organic cotton and GOTS certified yarns which means they’re soft as all hell, plus they feature a massive array of not-boring designs that look good when they’re planted on the sand or wrapping up your body.

Now, they’ve finally touched down in Australia hitting a bunch of retailers all over the country (see bottom of page). Be sure to check them out as we head into summer!



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