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Tommy Jeans Sustainable denim is available now.

It feels like we’re at a tipping point right now, as the world looks both inwards and outwards to assess how our treatment of the natural world will affect the future of the planet. Companies around the world are beginning to re-evaluate the cost of making their clothes from both a dollar perspective and an environmental perspective, and Tommy Jeans are leading the way with their new sustainable denim collection.

With the campaign looking to shine a light on the fashion industry and the practices that lead to fabric wastage and overuse of water, the team behind this special denim have delivered jeans that not only look great but also are 100% sustainable. Using materials that have been saved from the cutting tables and factory floors, with buttons made from recycled plastic bottles, means that nothing is wasted in the manufacturing process of every inch of these jeans.

Looking rad and helping the earth? That’s the kind of philosophy we can get behind – and so can our friends. Check out the video below which features creatives, athletes and influencer friends of LWA sharing the love for the Tommy Jeans Sustainable Denim, and don’t forget to head over to to get yourself a pair and join the revolution:

Label: Tommy Jeans
Photographers: Mitch Tomlinson &  Jack Bennett 
Videogapher: Matt Maule
Director: Harry Webber
Talent: Mona KassarJono Friend, Dylan Goodearl, Abbey Steanes, Ben Gerrans, Leia Holloway, Andrew Clements, Ryan Ginns, Amber Rose, Chris Lanzon, Sam Lebib, Claude Nume, Lola Thompson, Ashleigh Tavares, Ned Simes, Zoe Holling, Taj KagoOlivia Grivas, Nathan Jolliffe, Ash Adcock, Cam Burton, Em Pike, Zeppelin Hamilton, Ben Penny, Rechelle Mansour.


Words by Harry Webber July 14, 2020
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