Get A Grip: Deus & Gramicci Link Up For Powerful Collection Inspired By The Great Outdoors
Cords and all.
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Images by Chris Grundy //

Two titans of the fashion world have collided.

Having just arrived, the Deus Ex Machina X Gramicci collection really only has us asking one question: what took so long? The two labels share such similar stories that a collab seemed inevitable. Both began as cult classics then became international giants, they each create highly durable and practical clothing, and both have a strong grounding outdoor recreation.

The collection, which includes shirts, pants, skirts, tote bags, bucket hats and more, embodies all of those pillars with simplistic visuals and branding taking centre stage. Notable texture and colour features include corduroy caps, as well as washy pink-coral and mint faded tees, with the range centering mostly around a rad 80s-esque mountain graphic and strong fonts.

Peep the Deus Ex Machina X Gramicci collection below and head here to shop it now:

November 17, 2021
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