With Jéan & Jeff Weins Share Gender Neutral Collection & Short Film Ft. Evan Mock, Nico Hiraga & More
LA-inspired, NYC born.
Words by Harry Webber August 17, 2023

Jeff Weins’ collab feels like a homage to timeless subtly.

The artist, who recently relocated to NY from LA, says that his collaborative collection With Jéan was inspired by “pieces that were existing staples in my wardrobe that had gone missing.” You know, that feeling where you wear something every day, and then you don’t – it’s gone, into the clothing abyss, permanently “borrowed” or left behind somewhere…

With Weins is here to rectify that and replenish your wardrobe, with the gender-neutral collection looking at those everyday staples through a minimalist lens. Featuring shirts, shorts, singlets and socks, the range blurs that line between statement piece and supporting cast, despite the subtle colouring.

Along with the drop, Jeff Weins attempted a micro screenplay, which “gave me additional moments to work creatively and collectively on a collaborative project for this collection. As a body, this was inspired by various aspects of my life.” The short film which was directed by Quinn Matthews, features none other than Evan Mock, Nico Hiraga, Thomas Doherty, Eli Brown and Jesus Antonio. Check out the collection and film below, and head here to shop With Weins now:

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