We All Know Someone Who Needs Stance’s Latest Collabs With ICEE & Slush Puppie
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Did anyone see this coming?

Well… we certainly didn’t, but it shouldn’t shock us. In recent years Stance have delivered all of the collabs that we didn’t know we needed until we had our toes in them, such as Tarantino, Wu-Tang, Sriracha and way more. So we’re naturally ready for them to be once again joining forces with an iconic brand/company for a limited edition run of foot underwear AKA socks.

Taking the unmistakable blue, white and red imagery including the OG pup and polar bear, the socks definitely slide into the “statement” category and, like all stance socks, are gonna be the comfiest and most durable socks you own. Check them out below and head here to get your feet inside this ice cool collab now:

May 18, 2021
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