Supreme & MF DOOM’s Estate Have Teamed Up For A Streetwear Capsule To Honour The Late Rapper
Green is my new favourite colour.
Words by Amar Gera September 6, 2023

 Image via Supreme //

Possibly the only rapper to ever pull off wearing a mask on stage…

Following his shock passing in 2020 that left the hip hop world in disarray, legendary rapper MF DOOM’s legacy has been renewed courtesy of streetwear vendor, Supreme. Curating a range to celebrating DOOM’s underground roots, the NY fashion house has managed to not only pay tribute to the ‘Books Of War’ MC, but come through with a drop that’s perfect for both styling and keeping warm in the cooler months.

The range is modest in terms of quantity but has plenty of quality, consisting of a hooded sweatshirt, a range of tees, a beanie adorned with MF DOOM imagery, a hand style motif an a handwritten note that not only honours the late artist, but credits the main players that helped bring the collection to life. They come in a variety of colourways as well, with the collection being headlined by halo greens along with sleek purples, blacks and greys.

It’s safe to say that if they wanted, Supreme could make another ten drops of similar stature to their recent creation, with MF DOOM living the sort of life that not even the best of Hollywood screenwriters could dream up (that is, when they finally start getting paid fairly). From his formative years in New York to his grafitti crew KMD, his early work with a hip hop trio of the same name and his reemergence in the late 90s as MF Doom and his critically acclaimed solo debut, Operation Doomsday as well as 2004’s Madlib collaboration, Madvillainy. He did a whole lot of living in his 49 years, right up until he died of angioedema in 2020. His legacy definitely lives on, however. Check out some more pics of the collection below.

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