Words by Harry Webber May 13, 2022

A select crew of Sydneysiders were treated to an up-close look at Nautica’s Reissue and Heritage Inspired collections…

And we were there to capture it all when the iconic prep-meets-modern label unveiled these new/old ranges. First up was the Reissue collection which simply saw classic archived pieces from Nautica unearthed, unchanged and in original form, for guests to admire. The reversible bomber jacket proved to be a hit, with just about every attendee instantly gravitating to the time-honoured piece.

The Heritage Inspired collection also piqued interest, complete with the 90s green, oversized fits and retro logos – clear evidence that class is permanent. And with 35 years of history, Nautica has undoubtedly risen above trends and fads, remaining steadfast as a staple in the fashion ecosystem.

Check out the gallery above and follow the links for the Reissue and Heritage Inspired collections.

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