Ray Ban Remix Lets You Add ‘Your Story’ To Sunglasses With Social Media Flicks
Next level customisation.
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Eyewear connoisseurs Ray Ban are taking customisation to the next level – and it’s especially good news if you take pride in your social media streams.

With Ray Ban Remix, you’re allowed to bless your frame of choice with a large array of colours, lenses and engraving to send a clear message with your specs. Now, their new ‘Your Story’ feature allows your creations to become truly personalised by decorating your pair with images from your social media. Have a fire Instagram account? Let everyone know with some subtle/not-so-subtle sunglasses.

Here’s how it works: You can tell Ray Ban to collect images from your Facebook or Instagram account. Then, the arms of your sunglasses will be decorated with a thinly-sliced collage of sorts on the arm, and ends up looking like a legit striped pattern. Therefore, this pair lets you low key flex with your most double-tapped pics.

In a world where nothing ever happens unless it’s published on social media with the adequate hashtags, it’s a contemporary customisation option that reflects the times, as well as those piercing UV rays.

Grab your Ray Ban Remix ‘Your Story’ sunglasses right here, and dress your eyeballs with some very rare, one of one pairs:

RB_LifeCode_Unbranded_JULIA RB_LifeCode_Unbranded_SAINTJOHN
March 29, 2017
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