Stance Celebrate Classic 1984 Film ‘Gremlins’ In Latest Drop
Mogwai 4 lyf.
Fashion 2m

Stance are once again linking up with iconic pop culture players.

Do you remember when the film Gremlins came out? Probably not. But there’s no doubt that you would have seen it by now, or at least seen the legendary imagery from the horror film. Cute little furry things called mogwais, turn into slimy monsters that go on a murderous rampage in Joe Dante’s 1984 film that mixed violence, supernatural and teen drama perfectly. In fact, it led Stephen Spielberg to encourage the Motion Picture Association of America to introduce a new age rating between PG and M, spawning PG13.

Now Stance have resparked our love of the film with a new sock range featuring the mogwais and gremlins in a vibrant yellow-black and spooky green-black combo. Check out the socks, along with the OG Gremlins trailer below and head here to wrap your feet up in some – just remember not to feed them after midnight…

August 27, 2021
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