Stance Partners With Artist B. Thom Stevenson For Thoughtful ‘Grow Deeper’ Collection
“Light Your Own Fire.”
May 2, 2022

Stevenson is the latest entrant in Stance’s ever-starry Punk & Poet roster…

For some time, legendary sock makers Stance have been compiling a starry list of ambassadors as part of their Punk & Poet roster, from musicians like Willow Smith to professional athletes like Chris Grenier. Now, in a recent partnership with artist and Punk & Poet entrant B. Thom Stevenson, Stance have set their sights on gallery domination with an array of expressive designs courtesy of Stevenson himself.

Affording the English artist free rein across its sockwear, Stance’s Grow Deeper drop is billed as a “collection of ideas,” with Stevenson’s hand-scribed affirmations woven into the fabric of the brand’s notoriously sturdy range. While one thread features daily reminders to “Protect the Planet” and “Light Your Own Fire,” the accompanying sock boasts Stevenson’s sticker-like prints, all stitched in Stance’s signature Infiknit technology. Speaking of the collaboration, Stevenson said his work should “center your perspective, focus your confidence and springboard positivity to bring into the world.”

An additional pair in the two sock range is brightened by yellow patterning, and forms part of Stevenson’s contribution to the broader Punk & Poet catalogue. Handpicked like previous contributors for his celebration of individuality, Stevenson’s “Grow Deeper” collection is a worthy addition to Stance’s diverse community of forward-thinking ambassadors. Peep more of Stance x B. Thom Stevenson’s “Grow Deeper” collaboration below, and head here to shop the look online.   

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