Vintage Shopping, Chinatown & Karaoke With Tara, Connor & Smirnoff Sodas
A colourful Sydney affair.
Words by Mitch Tomlinson October 17, 2023

How much colour can you squeeze into a single day?

If you scroll through Connor and Tara‘s Instagrams pages, it won’t take you long to realise that this duo, outside from being great mates, live and breath fashion. So naturally, when we tagged along on their day out in Sydney, SWOP Vintage was the first stop.

After some meticulous outfit curation we headed into Chinatown for some noodles which were perfectly complimented by Smirnoff’s Pink Grapefruit and Yuzu Citrus Burst Hard Sodas – you may notice in the photos below that even the cans matched the outfits…

Finally, we hit the karaoke bar for some less-than-pitch-perfect renditions of the duo’s favourite tunes and many, many laughs. That’s what karaoke’s all about, right? Smirnoff Sodas are available in bottle shops and online all around the country.

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