Walker Golfer Things’ New Par-Tec Range Might Be The Most Hi-Tech Golf Collection In History
Words by Amar Gera November 9, 2023

Images by Matt Price // Talent – Timothy Granaderos & Ben Kaplan //

Anyone else keen on a swing?

In an era where sports apparel is advancing each and every day, Walker Golf Things is continuing to stay at the forefront, most recently with the introduction of their new Walker Par-Tec collection. The new collection, made up of five distinct pieces tailored for various aspects of the golfing experience, boasts cutting-edge technology and innovation that makes you feel like you’re wearing a decked out spacesuit that is totally unmistakeable.

At the forefront of the collection are two collared polos in a sleek black and steel, as well as a blade collar poloin the captivating Phantom Pine shade. The upper body is well catered to in the Par-Tec collection, with both polos featuring high-density sonics and premium fabrics that optimise flexibility and precision.

The lower half of the collection is equally as flashy, with Walker Golf Things unveiling fitted golf shorts available in black and navy colourways. Like their upper body counterparts, these shorts offer exceptional flexibility, with a four-way stretch, golf tee slots, and non-slip elastic waistbands ensuring maximum comfort whenever you’re out on the green.

It’s a collection that begs to be taken out for a day (or ten) on the tee. The Par-Tec collection launches at 9am tomorrow. Check it out in use before and head to the official Walker Golf Things website here for more info.

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