Art vs. Science Frontman Dan Mac Releases Trippy Debut Single As The Swirly Train
All aboard.
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“Think Willy Wonka on acid.”

Keeping himself busy whilst his ARIA winning indie-dance outfit is having some downtime, Art vs. Science frontman Dan Mac has launched an intriguing new project, The Swirly Train. His debut single under the moniker, ‘Zooming’, is a six-and-a-half-minute ride reminiscent of the otherworldly ambitions of The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour, but with more drum loops and an orchestral breakdown that is about as intense as they come.

Visually the clip feels more like a window into the mind of a madman, an assessment which may not be too far off. “Since it’s not fully animated the viewer must fill in the gaps and use their own imagination to follow the narrative, and I’ve been doing these drawings since I was a kid – in a way they mirror my mental life better than I can actually articulate,” says Mac of the video. Check it out below and stay tuned for more from Swirly Train in 2019:

Words by Mitch Ross August 19, 2019
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