Artist Of The Week: Cosmos Midnight & Forest Claudette Travel To The ’80s On Synth Funk Bop ‘Borrowed Time’
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Words by Amar Gera December 8, 2023

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Yep we’re definitely gonna need more music from this pair…

After a busy two years thats seen them bury themselves in the studio and quietly release a handful of singles, Cosmos Midnight have served up one of their strongest tracks to date, linking up with rising R&B star Forest Claudette for their retro new single, ‘Borrowed Time’.

Beginning with some ’80s-reminiscent synths and baselines, the song quickly delves into the theme of long-distance relationships, as Forest utilises his delicious tenor tone to reflect on being halfway around the world from their love. The lines “Two souls apart/ For how long?/Bitter pill to swallow/All our time is borrowed” really affirm the painful subject matter the single is rooted in, however, with Cosmos’ vibrant production and Forest’s infectious vocals, you cant help but groove out into tomorrow on the new singe.

The hook in particular is immersed in euphoria, with Forest’s “What we got is real” the emotional heartbeat of the song as Cosmos pull out all of their instrumental and sonic tricks for the big crescendo, with swathes of effects, keys and a tangy guitar lick helping to transcend the song into an instant delight upon the ears. As a whole, the track sweetens the sometimes bitter reality of separation by envisioning the joyous moments of reunion, and if there’s anyone living apart from their special someone right now, we’re guessing this is about to become your new summer anthem.

Speaking on the new single and their newfound creative partnership with Claudette, Cosmo’s Midnight explain, ““In a way, ‘Borrowed Time’ started out early last year, we were in our own session doing our own thing and Forest Claudette was next door doing their own thing. Suddenly they bust down the door without warning and tracked down some insane, one take vocals on a demo we were mid writing. We were just blown away in that moment and knew we were gonna write a song together” with Forest adding, “Borrowed Time’ tells the story of how I met my partner and the long-distance relationship that has followed. I’m so grateful to Pat and Cosmo for bringing me into their creative world.”

It’s a pairing we definitely weren’t expecting, but in hindsight, makes perfect sense. No doubt this is the first of many collabs from the two aussie music heavyweights. Cosmos Midnight and Forest Claudette’s new single ‘Borrowed Time’ is out now. You can buy/stream it here.

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