Artist Of The Week: DICE’s New Groove ‘Super-Vision’ Will Make You Never Lose A Pair Of Sunnies Again
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Words by Amar Gera September 15, 2023

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Possibly the best sunnies-inspired track of the year…

With an Aussie band releasing a love song seemingly every day, it can be hard for a local outfit to set themselves apart from the masses. Enter DICE, an indie-rock four-piece from Perth who’ve pushed the bounds, swapping out young love and heartbreak for a song about… sunnies.

Okay, we’re making it sound a lot more left field than it is, but regardless, it’s a total home run from the DIY outfit. Beginning with a fiery guitar line with some quintessential surf-rock inflections, the boys immediately tap into the nostalgic sound that has become so revered in Australia over the past decade. However, they manage to make it their own all the same, with frontman Ben Hodge utilising a baritone vocal as he tugs on the heartstrings about psychological dependency on inanimate objects, in what’s a fresh take on unrequited love and heartbreak (no matter how much you wear them, those sunnies will never love you back king).

A highlight comes in the latter part of the track as the treat us to some super dynamic guitar solos and melodic shifts that help elevate the record into an ever-changing record that hits the spot both emotionally and sonically. It’s a total journey of a track over its three minute runtime, one that comes to a swift conclusion with an immediate cessation of its percussive layers, with the band establishing a solid note of finality that’s just as satisfying as the preceding melodics.

Speaking on the metaphorical nature of the new record, the band hilariously explain, “‘Super-Vision’ was inspired by our experience buying and then losing several pairs of sunglasses while on tour. The lyrics explore the way that something material can come to define us and the anxiety that can arise when we lose that material possession.”

It’s a tasty addition to the band’s discography, which includes grooves like ‘Double Espresso’, ‘Tickets’ and our personal favourite, ‘Stop Sign’. They’re clearly a band on the rise right now, which makes them perfect for this week’s Artist of the Week. Check out ‘Super-Vision’ above, and be sure to buy/stream it here.

Beginning this month, the band will take the stage in all major Australian cities on their fourth national tour (tickets here):

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