Behind The Scenes: Dope Lemon Lifts The Bonnet On New Clip ‘Rose Pink Cadillac’
Let’s see what’s under there.
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It came in a wash of bright lights last week, now Angus Stone AKA Dope Lemon shares some BTS snaps from ‘Rose Pink Cadillac’.

Did you notice a shiny new tune from Dope Lemon dropping smack back into the centre of your musical radar last week? How could you miss a rose pink Cadillac, right? In case you’ve been living under a rock (not a lemon-shaped rock like the one in The Simpsons), last Friday the Byron Bay crooner delivered a new single following ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ and ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ featuring Winston Surfshirt, continuing a run of sonic delight that has us all limbered up and ready to boogie.

The track sees Stone once again combine 60s soul with modern production, creating something that is both extremely palatable for the earbuds of indie-pop lovers and 60s/70s purists alike. Backed by a Hofner-sounding bass, slacker-funk guitars and tidy groove, his just-rolled-out-of-bed vocal stylings fit perfectly, offering up a bunch of smooth hooks that begin to sink in after the first listen but have well and truly got you deep by the third.

The clip is a visual treat, complete with fairy floss lighting, vintage sets and, of course, a certain car. Check out the BTS from the shoot below, head here to buy/stream the track and here to get yourself some tickets to the Dope Lemon show at The Domain in Sydney on July 4th

June 1, 2021
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